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Using Color, Shape, and Emotions for Self-awareness

Although meditative coloring books are popular, you may still find your mind stressing over your long to-do list.  With meditative doodling, you start with a blank page and a collection of colored pencils/markers. After a few warm-up exercises in colors, shapes, and emotions, we jump into a guided meditative doodle. Topics can vary but all will engage the mind in determining a pattern to put on the paper. There are no pre-set images; just shapes that organically appear.  No artistic training is required -- we just doodle! Average session is 90 minutes. 

** Perfect for corporate events, bridal showers, baby showers, empowerment workshops, and home shows where like-minded friends gather. Suitable for all ages including teens!  The Duchess is also available to do one-on-one training, if you prefer a more personalized session. Prices average around $15/person but vary depending on the event and if supplies are provided. Contact me so we can design the best event for your group! 


Workshops designed to help educators and their students examine the benefits of mental health.  Using a class theme provided by the teacher, The Doodling Duchess will create an individualized program specifically for the students.  For example, tying together how to handle feelings and the spring season allowed these students (photo right) to visualize their emotions AND create a beautiful garden of Feeling Flowers.  

Emotions, themes, and doodle projects can be individualized for whatever the classroom needs are.  This workshop can be taught in person or virtually. Classrooms provide the materials.  Cost: $150 for a two-part virtual session or a one time in-person session (90 minutes)

    ** Pricing is flexible if multiple classes are scheduled 

    ** Suitable for grades 1 - 12.
    ** College level students - adapted appropriately. 

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Community Events

Workshops are often sponsored through other businesses like Art Bayou, ChocolaTeas, Colors & Cocktails, and Portage Community Education Center.

See UPCOMING EVENTS for such listings. 



"Monica did a fabulous 3 lesson doodling unit with my first graders. She was able to pull in our science standard of plants with social emotional learning all while doing the art of doodling!! The children loved working with Monica and were so proud of their finished sunflowers! "     Maggie B. / First Grade / Woodland Elementary    

"Thank you Monica!  You genuinely made a difference for my third graders - they sure enjoyed you and your message!  You were so upbeat and caring; you made them feel important and that they were successful. Personally, the connection I was able to make to each of my doodles was confidence building and self-validating.  I could see this same feeling in many of my reluctant learners.  They felt successful, feelings were validated, and connections made!"        Ronda V. / Angling Road Elementary / 3rd Grade

"The Doodling Duchess came into our 2nd Grade classroom to talk about empathy. She helped the kids identify emotions and put a memory, color and shape to it. She allowed them to express themselves however they needed to. Monica connected with the kids on a meaningful level while she was here. She is giving kids another tool in their toolbox to work through their feelings!"      Teresa W. / Angling Road Elementary / 2nd Grade 

Monica Harris did an amazing job teaching my 2nd grade class about Meditative Doodling (aka - doodling using their emotions). It was nice to give students another outlet for when emotions are strong or overwhelming. It was a great experience for my class. They talked about it for weeks after and some even used the extra copies of the template when they had free time. I would recommend this to everyone from Kindergarten age up through adults!      Lindsay W. / Woodland Elementary / 2nd Grade 


We had the best time! It was rewarding to take the time to quietly sit and focus on a future goal and just let the energy flow into the doodles!

Jacqueline S

I had an amazing, relaxing, enlightened evening with this pair of ladies. I learned lots about myself through numerology and opened some doors through meditative doodling. 

Angie H 

(Colorful Insight workshop which included Meditative Doodling and Color Numerology) 


Thank you for sharing your passion and helping us to be mindful of ours! Such a great experience and fun night of learning!

Lindsay K

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